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707 soil 3 cubic foot bag – 28.50 per bag  

Green Lite soil 1.5 cubic foot bag – $20.00 per bag 

Coco Palms 1.5 cubic foot bag – $14.50 per bag (Council only)

Big Worm 1 cubic foot bag – $30.00 per bag (Council only)

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Aurora Innovations cannabis soils and amendments

In our constant quest for new and better products for our customers, we bring you the Aurora Innovations line of specialty soils and amendments, for the serious growers who want high-performance crops.

If you grow plants for profit, and you want scientifically designed, high-quality soil and specialty nutrients, you are in for a treat. Let us tell you more about how to take your plants to the next level of productivity.

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Formula 707

Roots Organics Formula 707 is the ultimate growth medium for large container gardening – in fact, their large soil bags can be used as grow bags. 
Formula 707 has better water retention than other growing soils created by Aurora Innovations, and it contains specialty ingredients such as bat guano, feather meal and volcanic rock dust. An additional perk: Formula 707 contains beneficial microbes which will help your plants absorb nutrients and promote healthy roots.

Green Lite

Roots Organics Green Lite growing mix was created as an aggressively free-draining indoor and outdoor potting mix. Green Lite is designed with more perlite and pumice to give you enhanced drainage and greater oxygen in the root zone, and with specific ingredients for versatile container gardening. Green Lite is calculated to give you control and accelerate your garden for vigorous plants and root systems.

Roots Organics Dry Nutrients

Roots Organics has many options for dry plant food sources, all of which can be used as a top dressing in addition to liquid nutrients, or as the only amendment your crops require. Roots Organics’ main line of organic dry nutrients is called Uprising, and they provide a balanced mix of macro- and micronutrients which stimulates production and growth.

Uprising Foundation

This powerful formula gives plants an energizing mix of calcium, magnesium, and iron. It works wonders as an amendment or top dress, but its powers are maximized when combined with the rest of the Uprising line.
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Uprising Grow

Recommended during the growth phase of plants, Uprising Grow contains a mix of high powered nutrients, as well as humic acid and beneficial fungi and bacteria to keep roots happy and healthy.
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Uprising Bloom

This 100% organic formula including langbeinite, greensand, and hop flowers gives your plants everything they need and will increase your harvests of flowers and fruits to new records of productivity. While Uprising Bloom is very effective on its own as a soil amendment or top dress, it is especially effective in conjunction with the rest of the Uprising line.
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Terp Tea Bloom

Terp Tea Bloom is a powerful formula, delivering all the nutrition your plants need to deliver a high yield. This natural dry fertilizer can be used to amend potting soil, as base nutrition for your plants, or as an intensive supplemental feeding during the blooming phase.
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Terp Tea Grow

If you wish for extra terpenes and fragrance for your garden, look no further than this carefully formulated dry nutrient mix, containing bat guano, feather meal and chicken manure among other organic ingredients. Ideal as a soil amendment or as a special boost during the growth phase of your plants.
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Roots Organics Dry Amendments

All of our bat guano is carefully extracted to ensure bat colonies are not disturbed and sourced from selected caves at the precise timing to get the highest concentration of nutrients. 

Nitro Bat Guano

This potent guano has been processed and sifted so you can release its fast-acting nitrogen boost onto your garden, and enhance the flavor of your consumables and vigorous plant growth. View current pricing

Phos Bat Guano

As the name indicates, this guano has been selected for its high ratio of available phosphorus. The phosphorus, in addition to guano’s natural nitrogen content, will nourish and strengthen your plants during the flowering and fruiting phase.
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Super Phos Bat Guano

Our consciously extracted guano is sourced at caves with proven high levels of phosphorus and calcium, and it is so potent you should use it sparingly and carefully to give your plants an intense nutrition boost. View current pricing


Fast-growing plants always need calcium and magnesium to support intense growth – a “cal mag boost”. Elemental provides these nutrients in a high concentration, and it can be used as a top dressing, as a soil amendment, or mixed with water. Remember to add it before other nutrients to enhance their absorption.
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Seabird Guano Granular

Rich in calcium and phosphate, our sifted and processed seabird guano is ready to apply, and it will give your flowers more size and density, as well as enhance their aroma and flavor. View current pricing

Soybean Meal

We only ever use non-GMO soybeans to extract our soybean meal, which is a proven, slow-release source of nitrogen which will encourage lush growth in your garden. Use as amendment or to top-dress your plants.
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Oregonism XL

This specially formulated root health booster features a custom blend of beneficial microbes, including Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM), Bacillus bacteria and Pseudomonas bacteria. Tip: fill a salt shaker with OregonismXL and sprinkle it on the roots of transplants before you put them in the soil.  View current pricing

Roots Organics Base Amendments

Along with their premade soils, Aurora also offers their own line of base ingredient products to help you create your very own perfect custom blend, from start to finish.

Procision Perlite Coarse

Procision Perlite Coarse is cut with a ten mesh screen leaving all material to retain #4. Perlite ore is a naturally occurring volcanic glass containing a small percentage of water. When that ore is introduced to tremendous heat the glass liquefies and the trapped water expands creating a remarkable and versatile material. View current pricing

Procision Perlite Mega Chunk

Procision Perlite Mega Chunk is cut with a four mesh screen leaving all material to retain #3. Perlite ore is a naturally occurring volcanic glass containing a small percentage of water. When that ore is introduced to tremendous heat the glass liquefies and the trapped water expands creating a remarkable and versatile material. View current pricing

Coco Palms

Roots Organics Cocopalms are premium fresh water-washed and composted low EC coir from specific global sources, and has a near perfect natural pH level (5.2 to 6.3) for optimum nutrient uptake, as well as a superb air-to-water ratio. They can be incorporated into hydro media, and are specially designed with a natural buffer to make it more user-friendly when applied straight or in high percentages. Deliberately enhanced ratios of fiber to dust are calculated specifically as the ultimate growing media for vigorous plants. View current pricing

Big Worm

Roots Organics Big Worm pure and premium worm castings is a distinctive natural soil amendment. Our earthworms are carefully tended and fed an unparalleled blend of organic and natural feedstocks for exceptional quality worm castings. No fillers, no chemicals. Add Roots Organics Big Worm castings to any soil as an amendment and conditioner. View current pricing

Dry Nutrients Player Pack

The Roots Organics Dry Player Pack is the perfect assortment of products for anyone interested in using dry organic plant nutrients in their garden. From the beginner to the master gardener, the Dry Player Pack provides everything needed for a comprehensive dry organic nutrient regiment, in one simple and affordable package. The Dry Player Pack is designed for use in Organic Soil. Any Roots Organics growing media is ideal. Included: 4OZ Oregonism XL, 3LB Uprising Grow, 3LB Uprising Bloom, and 3LB Uprising Foundation, 3LB Elemental, 3LB Seabird Guano, 3LB Nitro Bat Guano View current pricing

Click here for High Quest, our custom designed premium potting mix.

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