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All Soils Are Now Licensed Amendment Products!

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Bagged Potting Soil

NEW! Minick Potting Mix 


We now offer BAGGED potting soil composed of our Dark Forest Compost, Pine Bark, Peat Moss, and Perlite. Packaged in 2 Cubic Foot bags for easy handling, you'll love this all-purpose potting soil. $14.99 per bag.

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Create a beautiful lawn with one of our soils


Unscreened dark brown sandy loam that has all the qualities of our regular topsoil, just less fine.

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Topsoil is a screened, dark brown sandy loam which makes it great for filling.

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Composed of screened dark brown sandy loam fortified with 35% Dark Forest and 3% gypsum.*

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Composed of Screened dark brown sandy loam fortified with 30% prairie gold, and 3% gypsum.*

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Outstanding soil for pedestrian mall paving, sidewalks, planting islands, parking lots and other applications.
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Use our quality sands to complete your project

Sands are used for a variety of purposes including gardens, volleyball courts, sand boxes, creating concrete and other installations.


Washed fill sand clean sand for gardens, sand boxes, volleyball courts, and similar installations.

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Concrete and top-dressing.
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Granite sand used for under pavers and other areas that need to pack well.
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*Due to Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture regulations, we cannot promote Garden Ready Soil product as a soil conditioner.

HIGH QUEST Cannabis Blend

High Quest is our custom designed premium potting mix. It can be used for indoor and outdoor planting.  Ingredients like peat, perlite, coco husks and Dark Forest Compost make High Quest an excellently balanced and porous medium. Your root systems will thrive in the lightweight, highly oxygenated blend, especially when combined with our high quality amendments (plant food) from Roots Organics.

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Did you know that Topdressing your yard is one of the best ways to use less water and avoid harmful chemicals?

Adding Rich Mix to the surface creates an area for the water to soak into and slow down runoff. Rich Mix also has Prairie Gold compost mixed in to add nutrients to help encourage a healthy Eco system in the soil. So if you have a lumpy yard or have seen cracks in your soil, Rich Mix can help. Also good to use when you are seeding, providing a nutrient rich home for your seeds. If you have okay soil already, but want a better lawn, try top dressing with just compost. The nutrients will settle into the soil over the winter and help your lawn be super healthy and use less water in the spring.

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